Looking for a flat share or a family host in London?
We offer a personalized service (for 1 or 2 people) to make sure you’ll
have a good accommodation before your arrival if you are not yet in London. The search will be done always according to your budget and your needs.

We take care of everything!

You make your requirements for your future home in London and we’ll send you corresponding Flatshare and/or Homestay accommodation options. You’ll also benefit from our advice before the booking.

Once you’ve made your choice between the different option we’ll do the booking for you and help you with all the procedures related to the accommodation: Deposit, administrative procedures, Tenancy agreement, arrival,…

This service is available from long-distance (accommodation granted upon your arrival in London) or if you are already in London.

Easy Flatshare Service/Family Host in London for 1 person:190 €
Easy Flatshare Service/ Family Host in London for 2 people: 310 €

Easy Flatshare Service/ Family Host in London: From 190 €

Easy Flatshare London / Family Host London. From: