Employment assistance service: 285 €
Phone: +33 (FR) | +44 208 123 1635 (UK)     Email: [email protected]

Employment assistance service: 285 €

Employment assistance service

The English labor market is famous in Europe for its great flexibility, its many opportunities and interesting wages level. It is even more the case in London. But to get a first job quickly, you have to know the particularities and be prepared. Londres Facile offers its know-how as a placement and recruitment agency to those willing to work in London, regardless of their level of English and their professional experience.

• Assessment of your English language level
• Help with applying for a first job in London for 4 weeks or until you get a job: Needs Analysis, research and interview scheduling until obtaining a position.
• Resume, Translating and formatting your CV

This Service is also available to any foreigner already in UK or in London and with work eligibility or.

Employment assistance service

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