You are in the first two years of your studies in higher education and you want or need to do an internship abroad? London remains a must for this first experience abroad as a dynamic and world-class city. Doing an internship in London will also help you to improve your English level. However, finding a first internship is a difficult task, especially abroad.

That’s why we guarantee through this Service to find you a first experience internship in London in many different fields regardless of your English level.

The First Experience Internship Service includes:

• Interview in English prior to the search of your Internship in order to assess your level.
• Resume, translation and formatting of your CV
• Find a First experience internship, of the duration agreed or desired by the candidate (from 2 to 4 months in general), corresponding to your graduate studies, your English level and a desired field of activity.

First Experience Internship Service


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