Internship in London: status and rights of trainees
First of all, there are several types of internships in London:
• In effect, the internship program is often an optional internship of twelve weeks.
• The work-based project is an internship integrated in the student’s CV.
• The sandwich program compared to a gap year. The student performs a one-year internship between two academic years.
• Finally, the Graduate Internship is a training intended for graduate students with a duration of six to twelve months approximately. It can be related to a pre-hiring stage. Furthermore, the remuneration of trainees is not mandatory.

England has three statutes: volunteer, worker and employee.
1. Trainees are generally considered as volunteers performing a work without financial compensation. This status offers the possibility to perform an internship outside the curriculum.
2. Workers must perform the tasks clearly set out in a contract for a fee.
3. Employees do work for the company for a fee. This category is more general than worker.

Your rights:
1. Volunteer: compensation for costs incurred for the implementation of the internship (transport, food) + Insurance relating to health, hygiene and safety.
2. Worker: Rights of the volunteer + National Minimum Wage + working hours and hours of rest regulated by law.
3. Employee: law applicable to the whole of the employees (English Labour Law).