Your level of english is bad but you can’t invest too much time and money in a linguistic stay? Londres Facile offer you to really improve your English in London with an all-inclusive stay and without breaking the bank.

For less than 1000 €, you will be accommodated during 4 weeks in a flat share or a family host and attend a total of 40H of ESOL English classes (10H/week) in order to step up your english level.

It’s a one or two months language course for people whose English is at a beginner, low or average level. It’s a money-savving opportunity to improve your English language skills and at the same time discovering the city of London, one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

You’ll practice English on a daily basis for 4 to 8 weeks at our partner’s private school located in Greenwich, one of London’s historical borough.

• School Registration fee
• Searching and finding an accommodation (Flatshare or family host) for the duration of your stay
• Rent of the chosen accommodation (all charges included)
• The cost of the English classes at our partner’s private school (10H/week)


• 1 month stay (4 weeks – Family host or Flatshare + 40H lessons): 985 €
• 2 months stay (8 weeks – Family host or Flatshare + 80H of course): 1870 €

Your school: it is located on the banks of the Thames River in the historic town of Greenwich and the famous Cutty Sark Harbor (a restored 19th-century ship). It is a family school that has been around for ten years and offers professional training as well. It is specialized in refresher courses for people willing to work in London or to be trained in certain fields. The neighborhood is safe and pleasant, especially Cutty Sark’s shops.

Refresh Your English Linguistic Stay