London: the Tech capital despite Brexit

According to London & Partners, an economic analyst firm, London has attracted 4.5 billion pounds of investment between January and June 2017, a record of 10 years.
London is still considered the technological capital despite Brexit.
Indeed, 2 billion euros have been invested in London in venture capital funds since the Brexit vote (23 June 2016). Less than 1 billion were invested in Berlin – considered the second most attractive city. 557 million pounds were invested in Paris, the third most attractive city.
As a matter of fact, in November 2016, Facebook announced the construction of a new headquarters and the creation of 500 jobs in London.
To paraphrase Facebook-Europe Vice President Nicola MENDELSOHN, “UK is one of the best places for a technology company and is an important part of Facebook’s story. We came to London in 2007 with a handful of employees and by the end of next year we will open a new headquarters and plan to hire 1,500 people in total ”
Brexit creates uncertainty indeed but London has everything companies need to have success in knowing the financing, infrastructure or even talents.