This Pack is primarily intended for people wishing to make a long stay in London or future expatriates. The guidance, follow-up and the numerous services included in this pack will assure you to be well prepared before your departure and enable you to get fully integrated to your new environment once you are in London.

The Easy English Pack includes English classes that you will be able to follow as soon as you arrive in London with the following choices: refresher courses for those with a beginner, low and intermediate levels or evening classes in an excellent private school in Camden borough.

The Easy English Pack includes:
40H Upgrade English (Beginner/Intermediate Course) at our partner’s private school located in Greenwich (London – Zone 2).

8 weeks of evening classes in one of London’s most famous private English schools. Level course. The school is located in the borough of Camden.

• Find an accommodation according to your budget and comfort requirements (Flatshare, studio, Home stay, apartment). Location : Zone 1 to 4
• Assisted by a Londres Facile team member from your point of arrival to the chosen accommodation.
• Assessment of your English language level
• Help with applying for a job:

(1) “Employment Support” service: helping you with a job search in London for 8 weeks or until you get a job: Needs Analysis, search and interview scheduling until obtaining a position.

A 6 months follow up/ in case of job loss or with the purposes of progressing professionally (depending on your profile, English level and professional experience)

Advice and preliminary assessment of the applicant’s employability in the London labor market.

• Help to obtain the “NI Number”
• Opening a local bank account
• Finding a general practitioner (Local GP)
• Information and advices about having an expatriate health insurance in Great Britain
• Registration at the Consulate of your country of origin (on request)
• 1 English SIM card + Explanation on the packages and how to get your english phone number with our phone partner.
• 1 London transport card (Oyster Card) as soon as you arrive.
• Development of a Departure Budget with our team
• 1 AC Adaptor for English power socket provided.
• “Londres Facile” brochure with useful information about London.
• Registration at one of our partner’s private English school: No extra charges
• New search for accommodation within 6 months after your arrival in London (if desired): + 70 €

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