Doing an internship abroad, particularly in a global city like London, represents a real learning experience for students or fresh graduates. It’s the perfect way to understand british work culture, to to add a valuable experience to your CV and to really improve your english. This Pack guarantees you to obtain an internship of 2 to 9months in London but also to find an accommodation there (flatshares, Home stay, Studio). Here are some examples of fields in which we can find your future internship: Marketing, Communication / Social Media, Events, IT, Digital, Tech, Management, Finance, Accounting, Fashion, Luxury industry, Administration, Tourism, HR, Prospect / Sales,…

This Pack is also available to non-students and non-EU citizens: Please contact us to have further information if it’s your case.

The Easy Internship Pack includes:

• Interview in English prior to the internship search.
• Find an Accomodation in Flatshares, Home stay or Studio according to your requirements (choice of 5 accomodation options as a maximum). Zone 1 to 4 of London.
• Find an internship in London lasting 2 to 9 months corresponding to your studies or diploma, your English level and / or the desired field of activity
• “Being young in London” brochure to go out and enjoy your stay in London.
• Information and advices to be insured in UK during the duration of your internship, thanks to our partner:
• Registration at one of our partner’s private English schools: + 35 €

Can benefit from this Pack: Anyone looking for an internship having made a request to Londres Facile (accompanied by an updated CV in English) and having successfully passed a preliminary interview in English by a member of our team. Londres Facile reserves the right to refuse any candidate who does not have the minimum level of English and / or the minimum experience required to obtain the desired internship.

Easy Internship Pack


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