Londres Facile has created this Pack for young people or students aged between 18 and 26 with a project to make a longer or shorter stay in London and achieve their goals.
By choosing this Pack, you will be supported and accompanied by us before your departure and when you are on site.

The Young Londoners Pack includes:

• Find a Flatshare or a Home stay to live with according to your budget and requirements (maximum of 4 options of flat share or Homestay housing to choose from). Housing Zone 1 to 4 London
• Help with finding a job: looking for a first job in London for 4 weeks. Needs analysis, search and interview scheduling until acquiring a position.
• Resume, translation and formatting of your CV
• Guidance and information for your insurance policy during your stay in Great Britain thanks to our partner.
• Preparing a Departure Budget with Londres Facile Team (on request)
• 1 English SIM card + Explanation on how to get an english phone number through our partner
• “Being young in London” brochure to go out and enjoy your stay in the capital
• Registration at a private English school partner: + 35 €.

Once in London, you’ll get the support of a tutor who will be at your disposal from the moment of your arrival and will be of assistance to you with the job search and your administrative procedures. Your tutor will be available at any time, he will advise, support and guide you in your first steps in London.

→ Find more information about the above services in our Details section of our Services section
→ The term of the contract will become effective with the full delivery of the offered services.
→ Customers who have subscribed to one of our Package will also benefit from our advices and will be able to permanently contact a Londres Facile staff member for any questions before leaving or after their arrival in London for the period of the Package support.

Young Londoners


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