Tips to avoid rental scams in London
The search for accommodation in London is subject to numerous scams. That is why, London Easy suggests you a few precautions to be taken:
– Learn about the average rent prices in London in function of the different areas. This information will enable you to know the market price according to the districts.
– Distrust the perfect offers! Your previous research on London’s rent prices will allow you to see the reality of very high rents and there are rarely any miracles. You can mark the tempting offers and increase your vigilance.
– Never send money via Western-Union to book an accommodation.
– To reach the previous argument, if your pseudo-owner or manager says to be abroad now and not be able to receive a bank transfer, it is a very bad sign…
You have found your accommodation in London:
– Favour a written rental contract in order to avoid bad surprises.
– Carefully read the clauses of the contract (AST).
– Carry out meticulously the state of places of entry to counteract the possible fallacious arguments during the state of places of output.
– Require a receipt for each payment made.